Baltic ice blokart champ. Nida 2011

Images: Baltic-Ice-Blo-posteris.jpgNOTICE OF RACE


Notice: OPEN BALTIC ICE-BLOKART CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 will be held on 25th-27th February, 2011 on Curonian lagoon ice near Nida.

Organizing Authority: Organizing authority for this Championship is Lithuanian Blokart Team and VšĮ “Irklakojis” the founder of Blokart Sailing School in Nida. Race director is Vilius Tamkvaitis.

Eligible to participate :

- All yachtsmen from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and foreign countries, as well as all blokarters are welcome.

- All competitors will be required to display series or event sponsor’s name(s)/logo(s). If required they shall be affixed and/or worn as prescribed in the sailing instructions .

- All pilots are obliged to wear a helmet.

- By paying the entrance fee the participant agrees with the sailing instruction and in particular the article numbers 10 and 11 mentioned in the sailing instructions.

Venue: All racing will be held on the Curonian lagoon ice near Nida.


25th February (Friday) :

14.30 – 17.30 Registration.

14.30 – Ice-Blokart training and demo session on the Curonian lagoon ice.

26th February (Saturday):

10.00 – 10.30 Registration.

10.30 – Briefing of the race committee and participants.

10.45 – Start of theraces.

19.00 – Blokart party.

27th February (Sunday):

10.00 – Briefing of the race committee and participants.

10.15 – Start of the final races.

15.00 – End of the final races, prize giving.

Format :

- Championship is organized for the Production and Performance classes.

- If conditions are suitable, races will be windward-leeward races of approx. 15 minutes.

- Each weight category is racing a separate race.

- Race commitee might decide to divide weight category in subdivisions. If weight category is divided into subdivision maximum number of top pilots from each subdivision will qualify to final races.

- Participants are divided into weight categories. A small tollerance might be applied to even the numbers in

categories. Categories are:

Flyweight – up to 55 kg

Lightweight – from 55 up to 70 kg

Middleweight – from 70 up to 85 kg

Heavyweight – from 85 up to 100 kg

One ton – from 100 kg

- A minimum of 5 participants per category is necessary.

- Ice-Blokarts must conform to BAI 1Design rules on equipment, Ice-Blades must be genuine Blokart Intl. blades with no technical modifications.

- Sailing rules : see sailing instructions.

Fees : Entry fee is 30 Litas (9 Euro).

Blokart rent: VšĮ „Irklakojis“ is providing Production class ice-blokarts for rent, price is 70 Litas (20 Euro) for play-off and final races.

For organizing purposes we kindly ask you to inform us of your participation on beforehand ASAP through the registration form found at

Prizes & trophies : Prizes & trophies are awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in each weight category.

Workshop :

A workshop with all necessary tools will be available at the waiting zone.

Arrival, accomodation, catering info: Event sponsor hotel “Jūratė” offers double rooms for special price.

For further information regarding: arrival, catering please contact the tourist office, +370-469-52345,,,

For any questions regarding the Championship please contact Vilius Tamkvaitis +370-606-20901, tamkvaitis@gmail

Images: Baltic-Ice-Blo-posteris.jpg