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Marina Gdańsk Cup 2011 Sailing Regatta

18th and 19th of June 2011

Municipal Centre of Sports and Recreation in Gdańsk

with the cooperation of the

Central Centre of Academical Sport AZS

Regatta sailing area: the Bay of Gdańsk

The regatta is licensed by the Polish Sailing Association


is a part of the Polish Sea Sailing Cup 2011

Gdansk Bay Cup 2011

Cruising Yachts Polish Cup 2011

1.Rules and regulations

The regatta will be held in accordance with rules and regulation defined in the Sailing Regatta Rules and Regulations of ISAF (edition 2009-2012), by the ORC andClassic Regatta Index (KWR) equalization rule for 2011.

2.Conditions for participation and classes

2.1.The regatta is open for all polish and foreign yachts registered and admitted to the sailing regatta.

2.2.The regatta will be held for the following classes:


·group IGPH up to 650

·group IIGPH 650,1 and above


·group I-yachts with the total hull’s length exceeding 7,7m

·group II-yachts with the total hull’s length up to 7,7m

PPJK yachts (Cruising Yachts Polish Cup)

·T1, T2, T3, MICRO, Żagle 500, Omega Sport

Cruising yachts

·less than 7 m long

·more than 7 m long

Each yacht can be classified only in one class.

2.3.The entrance fee for the regatta is as follows:

ORC group I100 pln

ORC group II 70 pln

KWR group I100 pln

KWR group II 70 pln

PPJK yachts100 pln

cruising yachts less than 7 m long70 pln

cruising yachts more than 7 m long100 pln

2.4Applications for regatta should be sent by 16th June 2010 on the attached application form to the following address:

Miejski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji w Gdańsku

ul. Traugutta 29

80-221 Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 524-18-52

phone/fax : + 48 58 524-34-72

mobile phone: +48 517-806-582

e-mail: rafal.grad@mosir.gda.pl



3.On-site Registration

3.1.Final on-site registration should be done in the regatta office in Gdańsk Marina on 17th June 2011 between 5.00 and 9.00 pm.

3.2.The on-site registration procedure requires the following documentation:

-A receipt confirming the payment of the entrance fee;

-Personal liability insurance for the regatta;

-Measurement certificate of a yacht registered in ORC;

-A Polish Sailing Association licence for individual advertising.

-Measurement certificate of a yacht registered in Classic Regatta Index (KWR) – all information how to get this measurement is available on web site www.zeglarz.gda.pl

-information for PPJK are available on web site www.ppjk.pl

4.Regatta programme

4.1 The regatta programme is as follows:

Friday17th June5.00 – 9.00 pmregistration

Saturday18th June11.00 amraces

Sunday19th June11.00 amraces

7.00pmclosing the regatta

4.2 The programme includes 4 races.

5.Sailing instruction

The sailing instruction will be available after completing the registration procedure in the regatta office in Gdańsk Marina.


Yacht testing and equipment’s measurements defined by the regatta rules and regulations can be taken during the regatta.

7.Regatta routes

Races will take place in the Bay of Gdańsk near the Sopot and Gdańsk Brzeźno piers.


8.1.The regatta will be found valid after one race in each group has been completed.

8.2.A group will be classified if it includes at least 5 yachts.

8.3.Scoring systems: according to equalization rules and small points.

8.4.If five identical yachts register for the regatta they will form a separate group.

8.5.If five identical yachts won’t register in one of classes it is possible to join to other class

9.Right of Publicity

By registering for the regatta all contestants give their permittion to use their image by the Organizer and sponsors in pictures, films and other reproductions prepared during the regatta as well as any other materials concerning the regatta free of charge.


Contestants who will take top three places in individual categories will be awarded regatta cups. Other prizes will be awarded in accordance with the prize rules and regulations that will be presented to all contestants on the information board before the races.

11.Liability clause

Contestants take part in the regatta at their own risk. See rule 4 of the Decision to take part in the race. The Organizer does not take any responsibility for any damage to equipment or persons or for deaths resulting from the regatta before, during and after the regatta.


Each yacht taking part in the regatta must be covered by liability insurance for the time of the regatta.

13.Additional information

13.1.There is a possibility of towing yachts with no motor from and to Gdańsk Marina before and after races on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to use it please notice this fact in Race Office on Friday 18th June 2010.

13.2.Contestants of PPJK regatta are obligated to place stickers of PPJK on both board – stickers will be given during regatta registration.

13.3.For information about towing, sliping, the crane and parking for the cars and trailers please contact Rafał Grad – + 48 58 524-18-52 or by e mail: rafal.grad@mosir.gda.pl .

13.4.For further information please contact Mr Rafał Grad – + 48 58 524-18-52 or by e mail: rafal.grad@mosir.gda.pl .

13.5.Regatta Main Referee – Mrs Barbara Grabarz; mobile: + 48 501-628-843

On behalf of the organizers

Leszek Paszkowski


MOSiR Gdańsk