minitransat finišuoja

2011 La Charente Maritime/Bahia Transat 6.50. David Raison finišavo
jis nuplaukė 3,120 mylių sugaišdamass 17 d, 6 h, 13 min,32 s vidutiniu 7.53 knots. jis sumušė Yves le Blévec’s rekordą  23 min.

nugaletojo mintys:

‘This is my fourth try on this race. I come out a winner, and in full day light. It’s been a tough one, for me and for everyone else. Yes, I’ve had my doubts, when I was ahead by a hundred miles and hit a windless spot. I thought everybody was passing me. Some other time I had to step on the brakes real hard when the boat was slamming away, and yet, I was gaining on everybody. Yes indeed I have the feeling that my boat is like a kick in a bees nest of naval designers. The question is whether or not we’ll see 60 footers based on my design. This I do not know. There’s so much to study. All along the race I’ve tried to follow the advice a former ‘Minist’ once told me: Rigor and discipline. Then you get the job done! But what a joy to be here and to see you all! This has been the toughest race of all.’