Naujas Gineso rekordas

šeštadienį 11/12/2011, kaitistas Rimas Kinka pasiekė naują Gineso rekordą. Jis per 24 valandas įveikės 313,7 mylių.

Ankstesnis rekordas Phil Midler 236.51 buvo pasiektas gegužės mėn.

Rimas Kinka: it's dark, go to bed


Here’s a little summary of what Rimas did to accomplish his unofficial record:

Started 6:27 am from Islamorada, FL, first stop after 100 miles, short rest, food, coffee

Next stop 160 miles rested 20 minutes

Next stop 200 miles rested 15 minutes

Forced to stop at 227 miles due to too light wind conditions

After 30 minutes wind picked up , next stop 260 miles, food, coffee, snacks

Next stop 300 miles, short rest.

GPS device recorded 313.7 miles

Spent 2.3 hours on shore waiting for wind to pick up (was 5-7 knots) but then the 24 hour window ended.

Final 24 hours, 313.7 miles (506+ kilometres) , fastest speed 36.2 miles, average riding speed 16.7 miles, totas average speed 13.4 miles

Gear used: Kite Cabrinha Swichtblade 12m and 10m, board Crazyfly Raptor LTD, harnes Mystic

Distance: 313.7 miles in laps